You're On Your Own

Conrad Walz
Conrad Walz


miles high, i met you on a mountain

said i'll be there to catch you if you fall

cause coming down, you're gonna need somebody

and i'll come running every time you call

and through the years, i tried to keep my promise

been your water and your wine

but when it comes to solving all these problems

it turns out yours are yours and mine are mine

i'm telling you that I don't have a clue

i know you're wondering but i don't know anything

and i'm sorry to say, i just don't know the way

i'm a little lost myself, no good to no one else

no this time, you're on your own

i took some time to get my thoughts untangled

get this puzzle figured out

but i think you got the missing pieces

buried in the yard behind your house

so i'm asking you to give me a clue

but you just shake your head as you stumble back to bed

you say "the answers are there but I can't tell you where

I'm too tired to help, you can dig 'em up yourself

yeah this time you're on your own"