Pretty One

Conrad Walz
Conrad Walz


I could never tell no lies to the pretty one

I could never tell no tales

I could never run and hide from the pretty one

baby's always on my trail

I could never get too close to another one

I don't wanna go too far

I'm just gonna stay real close to the pretty one

gonna let her have my heart


I thought a lot about changing

'bout forgetting what was

but I could never go changing

just because


really wanna bring it home for the pretty one

really wanna make it right

cause i could never hope to find me a better one

better make it every night


thought a lot of old lovers

thought of getting in touch

but I think I've been thinking

way too much


never shoulda sold my soul for the pretty one

never shoulda sold my dreams

never shoulda had that dream 'bout the pretty one

never shoulda turned 13