Let It Burn

Conrad Walz
Conrad Walz


she's the kind of girl who falls in love, nearly everyday

it's the kind of love that makes you sick 

in that sweet old fashioned way

and those who need a friend need only ask her

they don't know they're asking for disaster

cause once you let her in, she's gonna let you win for a while

then she'll throw your used up heart on a pile of hearts

start a fire and let it burn, to keep her warm

let it burn burn burn


He's the kind of man who sees love as a means to an end

he could never really love a woman, or have a real friend

he looks into your eyes to find a weakness

and a weakness he shall find

cause everybody's heart has a tender part where it bleeds

and it's warmth that it needs

so start a fire and let it burn

let it burn burn burn

right and wrong they belong together

night and day, love and hate, sister brother

life and death, they were made for each other

night and day , love and hate, father mother

we're the kind of people who believe that we're above the rest

we're building towers while the others are still feeding from the breast

and we're climbing ever higher

but how high is too high?

you're closer to the moon than to your living room

you get cold, you get tired, you get old

so start a fire and let it burn

let it burn burn burn