Friends and Angels

Conrad Walz
Conrad Walz


from a humble home of little means and less luck

Mother found some hand me downs for your first day of school 

you were innocent and frightened, it's a big world

it's harder when you're not like them

kids can be so cruel


yeah they'd push you down and pull your hair

and you'd fight right back but the fight was never fair

till the biggest kid took your side  

you made quite a pair

you got friends and angels everywhere


drunk and broke, another day in shambles

a bit too much, way too fast, they didn't understand

ravaged by regret and disillusioned 

a heavy load, a bumpy road

you need a helping hand


and some turn away while others stand and stare 

but there's the one with the green eyes and golden hair

she got love in her heart

says she'll always be there

you got friends and angels everywhere


many times you tried to hide

got lost in your own mind

friends and angels always find you


you wear an overcoat, old scarf and dark sunglasses

still they call your name, the price of fame, a blessing and a curse

you stumbled on a generation's answers

stubbed your toe, but now you know most people got it worse


and you got creaks in your bones now and grey in your hair

and you got lines in your face now but you don't seem to care

cause you got plans for the future

and wings to fly you there

you got friends and angels everywhere