Diamond in the Rough

Conrad Walz
Conrad Walz


strummin' like mad on a dead end street

he was lookin' 'bout down and out as a man can get

his eyes were red and his hair was long

he was singin' that song while smokin' that cigarette 

he didn't take requests and he played some crazy stuff 

and the coins in the cowboy hat won't be enough

cause they don't see him shining but i can see a diamond in the rough

alone at the end of a gravel road 

with the faded paint and the porch all sunken down

it once was a house of ill repute

till the ladies left for the lights of a larger town

and all but the ghosts were gone when times got tough

don't know what grandpa paid for the place but it wasn't much

no one saw it shining but he could see a diamond in the rough

grandpa always told me there would come a day

"that old house will shine like a diamond" he would say

never got around to it before he passed away

i was wandering, wondering what to do

when i ran into the ragged man with the old guitar

he was sleeping on that same dead end street

the coins in the cowboy hat never got him far

I said "come on man" as i helped him with his stuff

"got a place to stay if you help me fix it up"

his eyes they started shining, he saw a silver lining

shinin' like a diamond, a diamond in the rough