She Comes and Goes

by Conrad Walz

Released 2013
Released 2013
Roots Pop Rock …and Roll
Nothing turns to something
I should have seen it coming
but it was moving way too fast
Something turns to nothing
like flowers in the winter
I should have known it wouldn't last

These are the opening lines in the title track of the latest album from Conrad Walz. It’s called “She Comes and Goes”, and it’s one of 12 hard hitting new tunes on the record. Though the song’s meaning could be literal, it also refers to the cyclical nature of things, the knowing that what is here today may be gone tomorrow... but could very well be back the next day. Well it’s not the next day, in fact it’s been five years since the last album, but Conrad Walz is back! With a set of songs that both rock AND roll, this stuff charms the ears and stirs the soul.