Only Human

by Conrad Walz

Released 2015
Released 2015
Reflective…wistful…dreamlike, but ohhhh so real - a tastefully textured collection of roots/pop/rock songs that both lament and celebrate the human experience. Best served at room temperature.
  • 03:47 Lyrics 40 Nights

    40 nights, 40 nightmares

    can't afford to sleep

    40 years worth of reasons

    40 miles deep

    there's a long black train running southbound

    demon souls inside

    all aboard, staying here's just suicide


    staring out at the darkness

    as her candle burns

    there's a long suffering woman

    waiting for her turn

    and the brightest star in the night sky

    is falling to the earth

    falls upon her, shows her what a wish is worth


    when it rains, it pours

    of course your new umbrella's broke

    your smoke's getting wet


    gonna make a change in the morning

    if it ever comes

    spent a lifetime waiting on the rising sun


    40 nights, 40 chances

    40 chances blown

    40 years worth of wisdom

    into the unknown

  • 03:43 Lyrics Too Kind

    night is falling
    like a hammer from the sky
    always seems to knock me out
    you just smile and wonder why
    but when I was young
    living in a hurricane
    I was getting blown away
    while you were singing in the rain

    You're too kind
    your love is blind
    when I'm cruel, you don't mind
    baby you're just too kind

    dawn is breaking
    breaking like a tidal wave
    i'm looking for a place to run to
    you're looking good and feeling brave
    i ask too much
    you would give it all away
    you make it look so easy
    but there's gotta be a price to pay

    you're too kind
    your love is blind
    and your heart rules your mind
    baby you're just too kind

    and i'm trying to change but failing, failing
    and you're getting tired of waiting
    baby just a little more

    you're too kind
    your love is blind
    yeah you're too good
    did all i could
    but i'm falling behind
    baby you're just too kind


  • 03:31 Lyrics Only Human

    close your eyes, shade your windows

    disconnect the wires and free your mind

    disappear, down a back road

    take it slow, seek and you shall find


    you're only human

    flesh and blood and bone

    don't ruin all you are

    with too much too fast

    you stumble and you fall

    you're only human after all


    kill the noise, hear the music

    realize it's all you really need

    paint your heart, any colour

    but understand if they cut you, you will bleed


    warm winds blow and away we go

    maybe gone for good, I don't know

  • 02:31 Lyrics Pretty One

    I could never tell no lies to the pretty one

    I could never tell no tales

    I could never run and hide from the pretty one

    baby's always on my trail

    I could never get too close to another one

    I don't wanna go too far

    I'm just gonna stay real close to the pretty one

    gonna let her have my heart


    I thought a lot about changing

    'bout forgetting what was

    but I could never go changing

    just because


    really wanna bring it home for the pretty one

    really wanna make it right

    cause i could never hope to find me a better one

    better make it every night


    thought a lot of old lovers

    thought of getting in touch

    but I think I've been thinking

    way too much


    never shoulda sold my soul for the pretty one

    never shoulda sold my dreams

    never shoulda had that dream 'bout the pretty one

    never shoulda turned 13

  • 05:30 Lyrics Rain or Shine

    living ain't easy with a broken soul like mine

    nothing is ever as it oughta be

    forever a stranger, so many left behind

    won't you please be kind

    I got a lot on my mind


    anything's possible she said, anything you imagine

    it's highly improbable he said, it ain't gonna happen

    so pass me that bottle baby, half full or half empty

    if we need reasons for drinkin' baby, you know we got plenty

    and he knows, she knows, everybody knows

    where he goes, she goes, every time

    rain or shine


    everything's easy with nothing on your mind

    running from reason, chasing melodies

    but what if you catch one, and it won't let you unwind

    now the deal's been signed

    tighten up the ties that bind



  • 03:15 Lyrics Friends and Angels

    from a humble home of little means and less luck

    Mother found some hand me downs for your first day of school 

    you were innocent and frightened, it's a big world

    it's harder when you're not like them

    kids can be so cruel


    yeah they'd push you down and pull your hair

    and you'd fight right back but the fight was never fair

    till the biggest kid took your side  

    you made quite a pair

    you got friends and angels everywhere


    drunk and broke, another day in shambles

    a bit too much, way too fast, they didn't understand

    ravaged by regret and disillusioned 

    a heavy load, a bumpy road

    you need a helping hand


    and some turn away while others stand and stare 

    but there's the one with the green eyes and golden hair

    she got love in her heart

    says she'll always be there

    you got friends and angels everywhere


    many times you tried to hide

    got lost in your own mind

    friends and angels always find you


    you wear an overcoat, old scarf and dark sunglasses

    still they call your name, the price of fame, a blessing and a curse

    you stumbled on a generation's answers

    stubbed your toe, but now you know most people got it worse


    and you got creaks in your bones now and grey in your hair

    and you got lines in your face now but you don't seem to care

    cause you got plans for the future

    and wings to fly you there

    you got friends and angels everywhere


  • 03:47 Lyrics Let It Burn

    she's the kind of girl who falls in love, nearly everyday

    it's the kind of love that makes you sick 

    in that sweet old fashioned way

    and those who need a friend need only ask her

    they don't know they're asking for disaster

    cause once you let her in, she's gonna let you win for a while

    then she'll throw your used up heart on a pile of hearts

    start a fire and let it burn, to keep her warm

    let it burn burn burn


    He's the kind of man who sees love as a means to an end

    he could never really love a woman, or have a real friend

    he looks into your eyes to find a weakness

    and a weakness he shall find

    cause everybody's heart has a tender part where it bleeds

    and it's warmth that it needs

    so start a fire and let it burn

    let it burn burn burn

    right and wrong they belong together

    night and day, love and hate, sister brother

    life and death, they were made for each other

    night and day , love and hate, father mother

    we're the kind of people who believe that we're above the rest

    we're building towers while the others are still feeding from the breast

    and we're climbing ever higher

    but how high is too high?

    you're closer to the moon than to your living room

    you get cold, you get tired, you get old

    so start a fire and let it burn

    let it burn burn burn

  • 04:03 Lyrics Old Mary

    she hangs pictures on the wall, upside down and sideways

    she picks dandelions and cries, as she blows away the grey ones

    she wears wool sweaters in the summer sun, tends her garden

    she got a thorn stuck in her heart, she wraps the past in roses

    never see a light in her window

    but i can see a soul in her eyes

    it falls away one teardrop at a time


    where did it begin, old mary?

    and where does it end, old mary?

    so painfully thin

    did you ever fit in?

    did you get lost?

    somewhere between now and then

    i got pressure in my head, too many questions

    dishes and excuses piling up, too many late nights

    i get sick of staring at the wall, seeing faces

    another sundown all alone, open up the curtains

    does she see the light in my window

    can she see the tears in my eyes

    i'm getting old one sundown at a time

    where did it begin...

    and I wonder would it be the same

    if you could start again

    where did it begin, old mary?

    and where does it end, old mary?

    impossibly thin, did you ever fit in?

    did you get lost?


  • 05:41 Lyrics Alberta Skies

    well i used to get a buck and a half for a bushel, now it's just two bits

    told my wife, if we lose another nickel, we'll be calling it quits

    always had a lot of pride but i ain't above begging now

    good god could you even spare a drop of rain?

    we got the kids working in the wheat fields, they should be in school

    got no gasoline for a broke down machine, cat afford to feed the mule

    maybe i'd write the prime minister, see what he can do for me

    but i can't spare a penny for the postage, let alone three

    if we don't make it through, alberta skies will still be blue

    but if they only knew, alberta skies would cry for you

    it's just a little dry spell, been going on for years

    i'm watering the garden, with my woman's tears

    grasshoppers are happy, like we used to be

    goddamn depression getting hold of me

    daddy came west as a young man, back in 1885

    paid ten dollars for this land, it always did provide

    and i can hear what he'd be saying, if he could be here now

    never give up son, you can find a way somehow

    if we don't make it through, alberta skies will still be blue

    but if they only knew, alberta skies would cry for you

    cryin', cryin', they'd be cryin' for you

  • 03:43 Lyrics Diamond in the Rough

    strummin' like mad on a dead end street

    he was lookin' 'bout down and out as a man can get

    his eyes were red and his hair was long

    he was singin' that song while smokin' that cigarette 

    he didn't take requests and he played some crazy stuff 

    and the coins in the cowboy hat won't be enough

    cause they don't see him shining but i can see a diamond in the rough

    alone at the end of a gravel road 

    with the faded paint and the porch all sunken down

    it once was a house of ill repute

    till the ladies left for the lights of a larger town

    and all but the ghosts were gone when times got tough

    don't know what grandpa paid for the place but it wasn't much

    no one saw it shining but he could see a diamond in the rough

    grandpa always told me there would come a day

    "that old house will shine like a diamond" he would say

    never got around to it before he passed away

    i was wandering, wondering what to do

    when i ran into the ragged man with the old guitar

    he was sleeping on that same dead end street

    the coins in the cowboy hat never got him far

    I said "come on man" as i helped him with his stuff

    "got a place to stay if you help me fix it up"

    his eyes they started shining, he saw a silver lining

    shinin' like a diamond, a diamond in the rough

  • 05:10 Lyrics Old Friend

    old friend, how ya doin' ?

    i gotta tell ya, i feel a little rough today

    i got a 26 ounce headache, and a cough that won't go away

    but it's good to see you

    sure has been a long long time

    and it ain't everyday anymore, but every now and then you cross my mind

    i remember 3 legged races and bobbing for apples

    swimming in rivers and laughing for hours

    looking for trouble in innocent places

    endless adventure and dreams, possible dreams

    old friend, you're looking happy

    i'm really glad things turned out so well

    and if you ever had a bad day, it's real hard to tell

    me, i've been drifting, between too much and not enough

    gambling with a shaky hand

    seems the world called my bluff

    but i remember 3 legged races and bobbing for apples

    swimming in rivers and laughing for hours

    finding companions of many persuasions

    losing perspective while looking, searching for more

    so good luck with the campaign and capital ventures

    enjoy the hawaiian vacation this year

    and do give my best to the wife and the children

    i don't believe i'll be seeing you ever again

    my old friend

  • 03:33 Lyrics You're On Your Own

    miles high, i met you on a mountain

    said i'll be there to catch you if you fall

    cause coming down, you're gonna need somebody

    and i'll come running every time you call

    and through the years, i tried to keep my promise

    been your water and your wine

    but when it comes to solving all these problems

    it turns out yours are yours and mine are mine

    i'm telling you that I don't have a clue

    i know you're wondering but i don't know anything

    and i'm sorry to say, i just don't know the way

    i'm a little lost myself, no good to no one else

    no this time, you're on your own

    i took some time to get my thoughts untangled

    get this puzzle figured out

    but i think you got the missing pieces

    buried in the yard behind your house

    so i'm asking you to give me a clue

    but you just shake your head as you stumble back to bed

    you say "the answers are there but I can't tell you where

    I'm too tired to help, you can dig 'em up yourself

    yeah this time you're on your own"


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I should have seen it coming
but it was moving way too fast
Something turns to nothing
like flowers in the winter
I should have known it wouldn't last

These are the opening lines in the title track of the latest album from Conrad Walz. It’s called “She Comes and Goes”, and it’s one of 12 hard hitting new tunes on the record. Though the song’s meaning could be …
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Millionaires Blues

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